Due to the expansion of our farming operations, in 2017 we will not be offering any of our ornamental garden designs or installations. We will be operating soley on bicycles and cannot transport plants or large materials. We are still there for all your garden cleanups and lawn and leaf care needs.

Our services include vegetable and ornamental garden design, installation and maintenance. Our various packages and plans allows you to customize your garden to your specific tastes, colours and price range. We also help care for your lawn with our bike powered electric lawn care, which includes mowing, raking and seasonal perennial clean-ups. We offer grass seeding, weeding as well as bush and small tree and pruning. Call us for any yard work, even if you just need an extra pair of hands.

Our a-la-carte services of mowing, watering and petcare can be of help for your vacations away.

Vegetable Gardens

Along with servicing most gardening needs, we are farmers. We specialize in urban agriculture and advocate for food sovereignty in our cities. All of our gardens include pest proof fencing, irrigation set up and trellising for tomatoes and cucumbers. We promote in-ground gardens, rather than raised beds, as it gives vegetables the opportunity to benefit from the native soil composition. We do offer raised bed options however, ideal for root filled soil or contaminated areas.